Brochures - Many sizes, Many styles

Brochures, Tri-fold, Bifold

Zip Print & Copy prints a wide variety of brochures for a wide variety of uses. From Half-Fold, and Tri-fold to Cross-Fold, we've got a style and look for your project.

At Zip Print, we use the most up-to-date Canon printers, featuring the newest technologies in print production. They offer ultra high definition printing, industry standard color accuracy, high speed production, and a variety of in-line print and binding options. For a quote, use our Project Form or contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.


    • Print Color: Full Color, Black & White, Mixed
    • Folding Sizes: 3 1/2'' x 5'' to 11" x 17''
    • Folding Styles: Half Fold, Letter Fold (Tri), Z Fold, Double Parallel Fold, Fold Out, Gate Fold, Cross Fold
      Brochure Folds
    • Paper Types: Non-Coated or Matte Coated Paper Only
    • Additional Services: Creasing, Perforating

  • *If you have specifications for your print job that are not listed above, contact us. We can usually fulfill your needs, or we can arrange to do so.

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