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Zip Print prints menus, promotional pieces, and other printed items for restaurants, bars and events.
Located in Grandview Heights, Ohio, Zip Print can help with design, and can print your projects quickly, with high quality, and at great prices.
Headed by former certified chef Bob Sims, Zip offers an expertise in this area that other printers don't possess.

Restaurant printing in the time of COVID-19

As restaurants prepare to reopen when the COVID-19 pandemic eases, they will need to make adjustments to their normal business procedures. Items such as menus will need to conform to guidance dictated by state officials.

From Responsible RestartOhio: Restaurants and Bars
*Daily cleaning for the entire establishment. Clean and sanitize tabletops, chairs, and menus between seatings.
*Utilize disposable menus when possible.

At Zip Print, we can print laminated menus, which can be cleaned and sanitized, and inexpensive disposable menus, in both B&W and color. If you would like to inquire about pricing and availability for your COVID correct menus, use our form page at Zip Print Form.

What We Do

Zip Print can create and produce a variety of menus and promotional materials for any food service establishment.

Table Menus

Table Menus

From formal leather bound, to laminated folded, to basic paper menus, we have the ability to create a table menu that reflects your restaurant's atmosphere.

carryout menus

Carryout Menus

Carryout Menus act as a tool letting customers order ahead for pickup, delivery or dine in. Options include assorted sizes, papers, folds and more.

Cafe Menus, Coffee Shop Menu

Cafe Menus

Cafe menus can offer coffee, tea and other drinks as well as accompanying food items. A variety of print setups are available including cards, paper folded menus and more.

Bar, drink, wine menus

Bar/Drink/Wine Menus

Bar menus offering drink, wine and beer selections, as well as bar food offerings can be printed on durable card stock, and can be laminated for longevity.

 Wedding, party, event menus

Event Menus

Zip Print produces menus for events such as wedding receptions, birthday parties, business functions, and more, using the highest quality paper stocks, and the most up-to-date print technologies.

Children, child menus

Children's Menus

Children's menus offer simple choices, and entertainment for the little ones while they await their food. We print inexpensive, colorful menus for children of all ages.

pocket, mini menus

Pocket/Mini Menus

These tiny menus are great for promotion and as carryout menus. One option is the 4 1/4" x 8 1/2" tri-fold/quad-fold menu.

table tents promotions

Table Tents

Table tents offer promotional tools targeting the customer that is already at your restaurant. A well designed table tent can increase your bottom line.

fliers, leaflets


Restaurants often hand out fliers as advertising tools. Zip Print can create and produce fliers for your restaurant that are eye catching, informative and inexpensive.

promotional, advertising, marketing


Promotional cards and fliers can offer coupons and special offers. Promo items can be handed out, or included in mailings.

postcards, mailers


Postcards and other mailers make great promotional tools for any restaurant. Zip Print has the correct stocks, and print sizes for mailing through the postal service.

posters, wall menus

Posters/Wall Menus

Zip Print can offer large promotional posters, and hung wall menus up to 36" x 48" that can be mounted or framed.

Options We Offer

We offer a number of optional services that can spice up your printed materials.

paper stock, colors

Paper Choices

Zip print offers a variety of paper stocks in various sizes , thicknesses and colors. We can print on stocks up to 130 pounds uncoated & 148# coated, and up to 19” x 30”.

folding, brochures, folded

Folding Options

Zip can fold your items in a variety of ways including bi-fold, tri-fold, double parallel fold and more. To ensure clean folds, we offer creasing/scoring of folded areas.

lamination, laminating


Zip can laminate your menus , promotional items, placemats and more. Lamination makes your items more durable allowing them to last longer, to be easily cleaned, and to be replaced less often.

binding, coil, perfect bound, comb

Binding Options

If you need items that are bound we can help. Zip offers in-house coil, comb, saddle stitch, and perfect bound (paperback) binding. We also work with partners to offer leather and vinyl menu holders.

scored, perforated, creased paper

Scoring, Creasing, Perforation

Scoring, creasing and perforation are techniques that are commonly used in the printing of food service materials. Creasing is common in folded items, scoring in items such as table tents, and perforation in items such as tickets and coupons that require sections to be torn.

color, B&W printing

Color vs. Black & White

Zip's state of the art laser printers can print in high resolution color and black & white. Our color printer uses G7 technologies to create color accurate printing.

Zip Print Menus Portfolio

We Can Help In These Areas

Zip Print's services can assist in many areas of a restaurant's functions.

kitchen staff

The Kitchen

Well designed menus and order systems create an atmosphere in the kitchen that foster professionalism and success.

restaurant manager owner


The main goals of a restaurant's managers and owners are profitability and growth. Print marketing, and great menus are just two items that can help promote these goals.

dining room Staff, servers, waiters, waitress

Front of the House Staff

The staff that relates directly with the customers benefit from menus and informational items that efficiently impart and promote product information to the customers.

restaurant customer patron

The Customers

A clean, simple menu design helps customers find the food and drink items that they want fast, and with less effort, increasing the bottom line for any establishment.

food carryout, delivery


Carry out and delivery are primary parts of, or can add to a restaurant's revenues and profitability. Simple, economical menus are a great way to offer customers the ability to pre-order their food for pickup or delivery.

restaurant promotion, advertising, marketing


Every restaurant and bar needs to promote their services and products. Printed promotional items offer an inexpensive, appealing tool to spread the word about what you offer. Great promotional items can increase sales, and fill seats.

About Zip Print

Over 30 years of experience.

  • Zip Publishing Logo

    Circa 1985

    Zip Publishing is Born!

    The origins of Zip Print date back to the mid-1980's when parent company Zip Publishing began producing course materials for The Ohio State University.

  • Zip Print & Copy Logo

    November 2016

    Zip Print (& Copy) is Created

    The Zip Print & Copy name was adopted when, due to the growth of rental construction in the Grandview Heights area, we were forced to leave our previous warehouse facility on Chesapeake Ave.. After some searching we rented a storefront space on West 1st Ave in Grandview Heights and added print service offerings for commercial, organizational, and private customers.

  • Full service print services

    The year 2017

    Our upgrade to Full Service

    During 2017, Zip Print upgraded all print equipment to Canon C750 Color, and 8595 B&W printers offering state-of-the-art technologies, features and print accuracy. We also added a variety of complementary pieces of equipment that allow us to offer fast full service on-premises print services. If there is anything that Zip can't do in-house, we have a number of partners that can assist.

  • we want you to contact zip print

    We can help you today!

    Whatever printed items you need for your restaurant, bar, or event, contact Zip Print to discuss your projects. We can offer guidance, assistance and a quote for your consideration.

Our "Chef"

Bob Sims Pic

Bob Sims

Recovering Chef

Bob Sims was a chef in a previous life. He held the positions of Executive Sous Chef at The Muirfield Village Golf Club, Chef de Cusine at Handke's Cuisine, Sous Chef at 55 on the Boulevard, and more. His thirty plus years of experience in the restaurant industry, and with menu creation, is an asset that he uses at Zip Print to create the Zip Print Menus offerings.

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