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Our Services Include

Book Printing and Binding

Zip Print prints and binds books for authors, businesses and organizations in the Grandview Heights, and greater Columbus, Ohio areas, as well as nationally.

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Restaurant Menu and Promotional Printing

Zip Print prints menus, promotional pieces, and other printed items for restaurants, bars and events. We can print your projects quickly, with high quality, and at great prices.

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Educational Printing

We've been creating materials for universites since the mid 1960's. From The Ohio State University, to many universities across the country, we've create custom course materials, textbooks, handouts and more.

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Commercial Products and Promotional Printing

From time to time a business or organization will determine that it is either cheaper, or more efficient to have a profesional printer produce items that are used internally or to promote the business. We can do that.

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Personal Printing

Most people don't have the equipment, or the expertise to create printed items that look professional such as invitations, resumes, business cards and more. We can help.

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Promotional Products

Zip Print is now partnering with The Advertising Specialty Institute to offer a full complement of promotional products offering nearly 1 million products from 25,000 suppliers, distributors, and decorators.

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Printing for Events

Businesses and Organizations often need promotional items and functional materials for events. Conventions, promotional events and internal events require printed and promo items and Zip Print can help provide these items either through in-house production or patnerships with other vendors.

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Other Services

Zip Print offers many print and promo services. If you can't find a category for the project on our site, feel free to reach out through our various methods. Use one of our forms to request information, or call us at 614-485-0721 to talk to a representative.

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Book Publishing

Zip Print's sister company Biblio Publishing offers the most up-to-date digital creation and publication of books and eBooks as well as republication and reprint of out of print books.

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What We Do

We've been doing it for over 30 years

We're one of the top printers in Central Ohio

You can trust our experience and the quality of our work.


We'll solve your printing problems Every print project is different. Options include various colors, bindings, paper types, trims etc... Most businesses, organizations, and individuals don't have the equipment, supplies, or expertise to perform every facet of a project. Zip Print & Copy can help with the majority of your project needs, and have contacts to help with projects that we can't.


We'll help with your project from beginning to end
We treat each print job, whether a flier, or a nationally published novel, as a project. We gather information regarding the project goal, help to determine what is the best way to acheieve that goal, and work to produce the best product possible.


You'll be happy with the outcome
From the time we begin working with a client on their project, Zip Print & Copy involves the client in order to produce the intended results. We gather the specifications, create a proof for review, adjust the product when needed, and guarantee the results. All to ensure the intended outcome.

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From a few of our clients

Our customers are our
biggest fans

  • icon
    Mindy Drayer
    Columbus, Ohio

    TV news anchor/reporter. Co-host of the talk show "What Matters with Mindy & Mikaela" on 610 WTVN in Columbus, Ohio.

    "They are EASY to work with, helpful when seeking advice and reliable. I wanted my third book, Dear Mom, available for Mother’s Day…It was going to be a QUICK turnaround but Bob and Fran MADE IT HAPPEN! They have become friends through the process and I trust them wholeheartedly."

  • icon
    SRD Harris
    Columbus, Ohio

    Author children's books: Future Miss President, Teddy Only Want Spaghetti, Bella Loves Her Umbrella, Gracie's Grace

    "I have consistently been VERY pleased with the products and services I have ordered and received from Zip Print & Copy!! Exceptional, high-quality, kind and efficient service, as well as excellent print products! Highly Recommended!"

  • icon
    Robert Fitrakis
    Columbus, Ohio

    Editor Columbus Free Press, political author and writer, Co-chair of the Ohio Green Party, candidate.

    "We have used their just-on-time printing for many years and they've always been able to deliver for us in a very timely and efficient manner. It is a pleasure dealing with Zip as they are very friendly and definitely make you feel like we're all working together as a team."

  • icon
    Joe Ponder, Columbus, Ohio

    Author, The Crossover That Won the Game, Bentley's Revenge, 8 Ounces of Water for 8 Ounces of Magic, Filmmaker

    "Needing a Publisher I picked up the phone book looking for a print shop to print a few books. What I found was a great print shop. The attitudes are pleasant and the quality of work impeccable. What a wonderful company! If you need a great publisher I highly recommend Zip Print/Biblio Publishing."

  • icon
    Diana Marie Winkler
    Columbus, Ohio

    Editor Columbus Free Press, political author and writer, Co-chair of the Ohio Green Party, candidate.

    "I am thankful to Zip Print and Copy/Biblio Publishing who played a part of my being able to have one of my dreams come to fruition...the publishing of my first book! In fact, I did my first book signing at their business."

  • icon
    Mike Morsch, Philadelphia, PA

    Author of the Vinyl Dialogues series, reporter, editor, and columnist for nearly 40 years at newspapers in Iowa, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

    "They've always provided me with reliable, comprehensive and personal service, and guidance on the best ways to market and sell my books."