Zip Print & Copy

  • Location: Grandview Heights, Ohio
  • Business Type: Printer/Publisher
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Who we are...

Zip Print & Copy has been serving the Columbus area, The Ohio State University, universities across the country and authors around the world for over 30 years. Zip Print & Copy's parent corporation, The Educational Publisher Inc.

We offer printing, binding, and publishing services to businesses, organizations, schools and individuals. We focus on quality and fast service, and we offer prices that are often half the prices charged by the national brands.

We specialize in


Full Color and B&W Digital printing
Zip Print & Copy uses the newest digital equipment which allows us to print in high resolution, offering striking colors, and crisp black and white. ...more


Binding Services
We can bind a variety of items in a number of ways. From manuals to textbooks, we have the ability and the expertise. ...more


Promotional and Commercial Printing
We offer a variety of promotional and commercial products to assist businesses, organizations, schools and individuals. ...more


Book Publishing
Through our imprint Biblio Publishing, we offer full print and digital publishing services. ...more


Digital Services
Zip Print offers a variety of digital services including scanning, files storage, and optical character reading....more