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Full Color and B&W Digital printing
Zip Print & Copy uses the newest digital equipment which allows us to print in high resolution, offering striking colors, and crisp black and white. ...more


Binding Services
We can bind a variety of items in a number of ways. From manuals to textbooks, we have the ability and the expertise. ...more


Promotional and Commercial Printing
We offer a variety of promotional and commercial products to assist businesses, organizations, schools and individuals. ...more


Book Publishing
Through our imprint Biblio Publishing, we offer full print and digital publishing services. ...more


Digital Services
Zip Print offers a variety of digital services including scanning, files storage, and optical character reading....more

Our story

Zip Print & Copy has been serving the Columbus area, The Ohio State University, universities across the country and authors around the world for over 30 years. Zip Print & Copy's parent corporation, The Educational Publisher Inc. also offers services through the imprints Biblio Publishing, BiblioYou, Zip Publishing and CoursePackets.net. You can visit these related companies through the following links:
Biblio Publishing
Zip Publishing

We offer printing, binding, and publishing services to businesses, organizations, schools and individuals. We focus on quality and fast service, and we offer prices that are often half the prices charged by the national brands.


I've been working with a client to print their book and Zip Print was recommended by a colleague. They were very helpful as I worked to set up the client's book, and they were able to print and bind copies of the books in short order. The prices were good, and the books were as high in quality as the national book printers. I'll continue to use them for all of my future book projects.”
R. Carter

quick and friendly. great service and great product. i use them to print and cut little cards that i put in with orders and they always turn out great.”
Nikki M.

Loved this company from the moment the little bell dinged as I walked through the door. The young, blonde lady was very friendly and knowledgeable about their many products, different bindings and cover options. Talking to past customers, I feel very confident in these publishing experts to help me to print and publish the work I've put so much effort into.

Small businesses, like this one in my city, help me to build the economy in my community and I am very grateful for such high-quality professionals that really care about me and my project.”
Katie R.

Our staff

Robert Sims
Manager Of Operations

Expertises include project management, design, sales/marketing, project consultation. ...

Frances Weiss
Chief Administrative Officer

Expertises include project administration, sales/marketing, editing, publishing submissions review. ...

John Jones
Production Manager

Expertises include print & binding technologies, project creation and fulfillment. ...