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About the process of printing your book

Zip Print is one of the largest book producers in the Central Ohio area. We offer digital printing and perfect bound (paperback). Saddle stitch, coil, & comb binding on site, and offset printing through a partner vendor. You’ve written a book. You may want to print copies for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you want to submit copies for publishing submissions. Maybe you want to sell copies through your website or give copies to friends and family. Maybe you want to self-publish your book and need inventory for fulfilling your orders on Amazon. What can you do? What is the

Book preparation professionals

Publishing Assistants Can Help an Author!

An author wishing to publish their book on their own will need to perform a number of different functions to prepare the book for publication. Most authors are unable, or unwilling to perform some tasks. There are tasks that an author may not have the ability to perform. They wrote a book, but formatting it, designing the cover, converting to eBook format, and so on may be outside their realm of expertise. They need help. So who can help an author as they prepare to publish their book? In a previous time, an author’s only option would be to submit


Book Binding, what are your options?

Zip Print offers a variety of book binding options including Perfect Bound(paperback), Saddle stitch, Coil bound, and comb bound. We do not offer hard cover binding. Here is a discussion of the various types of book binding. There are number of ways to bind a book. They offer a variety of costs, purposes, durability and aesthetics. The most common binding type is perfect bound (paperback) The majority of books published in print use this method of binding. Hardcover books are a fair bit more expensive than perfect bound books but serve a similar purpose. In fact, many published books are